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About Eternal Celebrations


Dignity - Distinction - Integrity

We are dedicated to providing dignity, distinction and care to preserve the integrity and history of the life memorialized. We do this together by elevating spirits through remembrance and celebrating holidays and special occasions with loved ones at their final resting place. At Eternal Celebrations, we feel that 

no one is truly gone as long as they are remembered. 



Our Goal: To keep you connected with your loved ones.

Our Mission: To share the continued comfort and joy of holidays and special occasions.

Our Commitment: To provide reliable and loving care to your loved one's final resting place.



Why we started Eternal Celebrations

Have you ever felt disconnected from a loved one who has departed. It's ok because we have all experienced this feeling of emptiness, especially during holidays and special occasions. Because our loved ones have physically passed on does not mean they cannot remain a part of our lives. At Eternal Celebrations, WE GET IT! We know exactly how you feel and have a solution to ease your sorrow.  

 We Don't Just Maintain the Site, We Sustain the Spirit. 

Eternal Celebrations Services

Commemorating holidays and special occasions at the final resting place of loved ones who will always be in our hearts


  • Decoration
  • Site Maintenance
  • Grave marker cleaning

We also specialize in Cremation and memorial jewelry

  • Photo Jewelry
  • Fingerprint/Footprint Jewelry
  • Pet Print Jewelry
  • Memorials
  • Chains And More


Featured Selections

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  • Velvet presentation bag
  • Pendant filling kit
  • Satin cord or steel link chain
  • Shipping & Handling

Our pendants are able to hold a small memorial such as a pinch of ashes, soil, flower or cloth.


Our Partners



We support our Veterans


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Eternal Celebratrions

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Eternal Celebrations

P.O. Box 2201 Warminster PA. 18974


Please be advised: 

We will never sell the confidential information that you submit to this website. The information is used exclusively by Eternal Celebrations to better serve our customers.  

We Don't Just Maintain the Site, We Sustain the Spir